Ways to Help

Ongoing Collections
Recycle empty inkjet and laserjet cartridges, cell phones, laptops, PDA's and ipods.
(Please take cartridges out of boxes and drop off items at the office.)

Box Tops for Education
Bring in your Box Tops for Education on General Mills products. Turn them in to your child's teacher or drop off in office.

Health Info

The California Department of Health has declared a pertussis (whooping cough) epidemic in California because of the great increase of cases this year.
For more information click here.

Flu season is here.  The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs.
Click here for more information & prevention measures.


Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District is committed to ensuring academic excellence for all of our students which begins with daily school attendance. Please read this letter and make school attendance a priority.

Lunch Info

Click here to read lunch procedures.

Book Fair

10/24 to 10/30 Book Fair
The Atamont Creek library will be transformed into a Scholastic Book Store filled with a variety of popular books and gifts. Proceeds from the Book Fair support our Library and AR Program.

Friday, Oct. 24th the book fair will be open from 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.  We will begin setting up the fair at noon. Please help spread the word that we need volunteers to help with set-up.
Monday, Oct. 27th the book fair will be open until 7 p.m.  Classes will come in to browse the book fair during class time with their teacher.  The book fair is not open at lunch.
Tuesday, Oct. 28th the book fair will be open until 6:00 p.m. Classes will come in to browse the book fair during class time with their teacher.  The book fair is not open at lunch.
Wednesday, Oct. 29th the book fair will be open beginning at 8:30 a.m. for "peaceful shopping" time (we will offer coffee/danish).  We will close at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  The fair is open during lunch to students with money and a teacher's pass in grades 2-5th.
Thursday, Oct. 30th the book fair will be open until 4 p.m.  The fair is open during lunch to students with money and a teacher's pass in grades 2-5th.  The fair will be packed up after closing.

Health Info

We continue to monitor information from Alameda County Public Health regarding communicable diseases. In addition to seasonal flu, we are also tracking updates and recommendations regarding Enterovirus D-68 and Ebola. For additional information, please visit


Within the last two weeks there is a virus that has worked its way across the United States to California. This virus, called enterovirus D68 has primarily affected children. Learn the steps you can take to prevent contracting and spreading it.

Hoe Down 2014

June 4th was Altamont Creek's Hoe Down Day. We were fortunate that Kelly Bowers, our superintendent, stopped by to enjoy the performances. The students looked great in their western wear. Great job dancing Altamont Creek! Click here to view students pictures.

PJ Daley and Kelly Bowers

Altamont Creek Selected for STEM pilot program

Altamont Creek is selected to pilot the newest science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program for students in grades K-5.
Click here to read the press release for more information about this program.

Fourth Grade STEM Class

Ms. Gatty's science students from Mrs. Mickels' 4th grade class are photographed by Bob Bronzon experimenting with changes in energy that occur when objects collide during their Project Lead The Way STEM science class.
Click here to view photos of fourth grade science classes.


Thank you PTA


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The Altamont Creek staff and students want to express our appreciation for everything the PTA has done for our school.  PTA has enriched the students lives tremendously organizing special events and assemblies, purchasing supplies, books, computers, BrainPop and other on-line subscriptions, setting up special holiday events, and much more. Many volunteers spend hours of planning and implementing these school events.
Below are a few messages of appreciation from our students…

Messages from your fifth grade friends...
Dear PTA,

Thank you for all the things you have done for us all of these years. I love playing Brain-pop and going to assemblies. You have done so much for us like setting up the wind festival and that is one of my favorite events. On a hot day you make it fun with the Jamba Juice on Wednesday and it is delicious. Sometimes I go to the movie event and that is very fun, Bingo night is also exciting, and Wonderland is so much fun. I don’t think reading would be as much fun as it is without the AR system. All my six years at Altamont Creek have been fun and you are one of the reasons for that. Thank Your PTA!

Dear PTA,

Thank you for what you have done for all these six years I’ve been here. I love going to assemblies and other activities like when the guy came and showed us magic tricks. I also love going to the Wind Festival every year. Having Jamba Juice come on Wednesdays are so awesome. Thank you for getting the book fair set up. I love the book fair. And those ice cream Fridays are wonderful. Thank You! I will miss this school!

Messages from your fourth grade friends...
Dear PTA,

I think that out of everyone in the whole school you guys are the ones who work the hardest! Personally I would like to thank you for giving out Jamba Juice, help run the lunch room and many other great things! So from the deepest part of my heart I would like to say...Thank You!

Dear PTA,

I will miss you at the end of the school year and I greatly appreciate anyone who is in the PTA. I will be glad to see the PTA in fifth grade next year. The best work in my opinion you have done is the computers. Good luck and take care.

Dear PTA,

Our school is really thankful for people like you! Thank you very much! I have listed some things that make my day happier! Jamba Juice, BBQ, Movie Night, computers, Hoe-Down. Thanks for making our school the happiest place on Earth!

Message from your third grade friends...
Dear PTA,

Thank you for making our third grade year great! We enjoyed all the activities. Our favorites are the assemblies, Read-a-thon, and Windfestival. Thanks for everything you do.

Messages from your second grade friends...
Dear PTA,

Thank you for what you have done for our school. I like the computer games you buy. The assemblies are awesome. I liked the magic show. I like Brain Pop Jr.

Thank You!

Dear PTA,

Thank you for all that you have done. We really liked the assemblies. I really liked it when you bought the medals for the read-a-thon. We also like the computer programs that you buy for us. I really like Brainpop Jr.

Thank you!

Messages from first grade & kindergarten friends...
Dear PTA,

We loved all of the events at Altamont Creek School. Here is our top 5 list of our favorite acivities...

1. Magic Show Assembly
2. Native American Dance Assembly
3. Bookfair
4. Walk-a-thon
5. Running Club
We are looking forward to our AR dance party.

Thank you PTA for a wonderful year full of adventures and fun!

Today: 10/31/14

Important Dates

24-30 Book Fair
29 Chili's Give Back Night, PTA Fundraiser
31 Halloween Parade

3 Parents Night, 6-7pm., Assembly Information

Running Club
Parents and students are invited to run
before school starts at 8am-8:20am, MWF, on the blacktop. Running Club is canceled if there is rain.

School Safety

Traffic Safety
The Livermore Police Department would like to remind parents and students about following back to school traffic safety issues.  Bicycle Safety - children should wear their helmet correctly and follow all bicycling laws.  Pedestrian Safety - Cross streets at signal lights or marked crosswalks.  Driving in School Zones - 25 mph when children are present and drive cautiously.  Click here to read the press release  regarding traffic safety.

Discipline Guidelines

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