Green Program

Garden Update 2014

On Saturday, Bruce Campbell and the Fertile Groundworks friends volunteered their time to work on the science garden to help the classes prepare for spring planting. Click here to read the following for the Altamont Creek Garden Update.

Thank you to all that helped to prepare the school's garden.

Another Garden Work Day is scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 8th from 9-12. We could use some new parent volunteers to help Bruce, & crew get the beds ready for our students to plant!
I'll be there!

Thank you,
Ms. Gatty

Greening Altamont Creek School

Thank you to everyone in our Altamont Creek community for helping us "green" our school for our children, our community, and our planet. We have succeeded in teaming students with our parent volunteers, our community donors, and our dedicated staff. We have succeeded in establishing the following: a lunch recycling program, an outdoor garden classroom, a garden composting and vermicomposting system, 4 R's curriculum aligned with grade-level standards, and the modeling of the 4 R's throughout the campus. We have reduced our waste substantially and we are having fun increasing our sustainable practices! Our blossoming garden has plenty of veggies to taste and it has introduced us to "eating green" and "growing green"!

Thank you especially to the City of Livermore's Public Works for supporting our visions and action plans through Go Green, EEK!, and the Altamont Landfill Education Committee.

Worms in Fourth Grade 2010

Earth Day 2009

Green Links for Kids

Garden Classroom

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