Kid Connection

For some children, school is a hard place to be. Having a “special place” to visit and play, or just having time out without the expectations of the classroom, can help some children feel better about themselves and school. The Kid Connection program is such a place.

How Does Kid Connection Program Work?
Kid Connection provides children some one-to-one time in a safe, secure atmosphere with a specially trained adult. Small groups of children also work together in Kid Connection to deal with common concerns such as self-confidence and positive social skills.

How Does Kid Connection Help Children? 
In a playroom setting, guided by the adult, children develop their own rules and routine. They learn about their feelings, and ways to get along, and to develop their self-concept. Children practice skills that they can use in their classrooms, on the playground, and in their lives outside of school. One goal of Kid Connection is to help children be successful in future school and social situations. Kid Connection is a researched-based program. Data collected and analyzed over the past 20 years indicates that students who participate in Kid Connection increase school-related competencies and decrease problem behavior.

Who Works With the Children? 
Michelle Smith, our Child Associate here at Altamont Creek, along with Lisa Hanninen-Danner
, program director, work together in the Kid Connection program to ensure that children have a positive start in school.

For more information about the Kid Connection program, please contact Liisa Hanninen-Danner, Kid Connection Project Coordinator, (925) 606-3219.